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Micro Structural and Optical Properties of Ferrous Selenide Thin Filmsand Its Characterization


Segu Sahuban Bathusha NM,Chandra Mohan R,Saravana Kumar S, Ayeshamariam A and Jayachandran M

Ferrous Selenide (FeSe) thin films were prepared onto glass substrate by Electron beam evaporation technique. X-Ray Diffractometer analyses showed that highly c-axis oriented and high-quality films were obtained on various annealing temperatures of 100°C, 200°C and 300°C respectively. From Scanning Electron Microscopy and its Elemental analysis of all the films showed low-temperature structural phase transition at different annealing temperatures of RT, 100°C, 200°C and 300°C respectively. The optical studies of FeSe thin film on glass was found most different from all the others, and its bandgap decreases from 2.85 eV to 2.75 eV for different annealing temperatures of the thin films. Optical analysis is demonstrated that Ferrous (Fe) and Selenide (Se) are homogeneously distributed in the film. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and its 2D and 3D analyses were found that microstructure of FeSe thin films.


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