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Magnetohydrodynamic mixed convection during a nanofluid filled tubular enclosure


Subhani Shaik*

Mixed convection flow during a tubular enclosure crammed with nanofluid within the presence of a magnetic flux is numerically investigated within the present study. Rock bottom and top curved wall of the enclosure are respectively kept isothermally hot and funky while the remaining walls are insulated. The governing equations are formulated supported Boussinesq assumptions and solved with finite element method. The computation is administered for mixed convection regime and also natural convection regime with fixed values of remaining parameters. An in depth parametric discussion is presented for the physical properties of flow and temperature distributions in terms of streamlines, isotherms, average heat transfer rate within the flow domain. The results show that the flow and temperature fields suffering from varying of pertinent parameters. Moreover, heat transfer rate is increased by 139.50% with the rise in Richardson number from 0.1 to 100. The increasing rate of warmth transfer thanks to Ri is respectively decreased by 58.11% with varying of Ha from 0 to 60 and increased by 23.97% with the addition of nanoparticles up to three. Comparison is performed against the previously published results on the idea of special cases and located to be in excellent agreement.


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