Journal of Oncology Medicine & Practice

ISSN: 2576-3857

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Intravenous Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) with LiposomeICG for Possible Tertiary Cancer Prevention by Epigenetic Effects


Masanobu Chinami*

We performed Photo Dynamic Therapy using liposome-ICG (indocyanine green) in the peripheral blood of the two patients (Patient X and Patient Y, hereafter), both of whom had recovered from cancer. Patient X, with cervical cancer, received hysterectomy three years ago and Patient Y with gastric cancer had Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD) 6 years ago. One week before and after PDT, whole RNA sequences and quantification of the monocytes isolated from their blood were examined. Correlated expressions of highly increased or decreased in RNAs were: increases in FAM156B, PHLDA2, NME1-NME2 and decreases in TRIM49D2, FRI3-ITI, LOC100133050 and FAM186B). All the increased RNAs revealed anti-oncogenic properties and all the decreased ones revealed oncogenic properties. As most of these RNAs are regulated by methylation, the PDT therapy may serve to epigenetically lower the risks of cancer.


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