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Human factors in multi-objective optimization of water systems


Rafi Shaik*

The design of water system systems is taken into account a combinatorial optimization task during which the diameter of every one among the pipes are often considered as a choice variable. The matter is to work out a group of diameters in order that the value function is minimized (depending on the length, diameter and material of the pipes) subject to hydraulic and commercial constraints. However, the chosen set of diameters will have a big influence on the energy losses thanks to the hydraulic balance of the system. Therefore, it's necessary to use techniques that allow finding solutions that are viable under multiple criteria. Within the present work the incorporation of the human think about the decision-making process during the multi-objective optimization of the planning of the water system system is shown. The event of algorithms, products of the sensible experience and implementation in CAD systems, influences the decrease of the search universe within the optimization as measured using the notation Big-O. Benefits provided by the CAD System to assist the designer are presented. The paper ends with conclusion and recommendation of future works.


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