Journal of Oncology Medicine & Practice

ISSN: 2576-3857

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Hematologic Adverse Effects following Systemic Chemotherapy


Shahrasbi A, Armin A, Ardebili A, Rafie KS, Ansari M and Rabani M

Introduction: Cytopenia is one of the most important side effects of chemotherapy. It presents as pancytopenia or bicytopenia or monocytopenia. Cytopenia is a challenging factor for delivering chemotherapy drugs. Methods: In this study we were looking for the incidence of cytopenia in patients received chemotherapy in two different hospitals. Results: 200 patients were included in our study. Most of the patients were female and anemia was the most adverse effect which was followed by leukopenia and thrombocytopenia. Bicytopenia and pancytopenia were the least side effects of chemotherapy drugs. Conclusion: Although our study was not a head to head one anemia was the most adverse effect following systemic chemotherapy in both hospitals. Overall cytopenia was more prevalent in the university hospital than private hospital. This difference was significant for anemia (P-value â??¤ 0.05) but it wasn’t for leukopenia or thrombocytopenia. Bicytopenia and pancytopenia happened very rarely.


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