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Expression of Polymerase I and Transcript Release Factor (PTRF) in Lung Adenocarcinoma


Kabulo K Cedric*, Abdelhakam G Tamomh, Mohammad Abdul Mazid and Tesfaye Z Weldegiorgis

Aim: In our study we found the Lung cancer is a most common malignant tumor and important cause of cancerrelated death worldwide. Lung Adenocarcinoma is the most ordinary type of lung cancer, accounting for about 20-30% of lung cancer. The aims of this study to investigate the expression of PTRF in lung adenocarcinoma and determine if the loss of PTRF expression occur with the progression of lung adenocarcinoma.

Material and Methods: Immunohistochemistry and western blot were used to verify the PTRF expression in lung adenocarcinoma (LADC) and normal lung (NL). And PTRF expression status was also detected in the lung adenocarcinoma cells by western blot.

Results: Totally 41 differentially expression proteins were identified. Eighteen proteins are up regulated in the lung adenocarcinoma and 23 proteins are down regulated in the lung adenocarcinoma. Western blot and IHC shows the PTRF expression is down regulated in the lung adenocarcinoma. PTRF expression has close relationship with the gender and T stage.

Conclusion: PTRF expression is down-regulated in lung adenocarcinoma tissue and lung carcinoma cells and the loss of PTRF expression occur with progression of lung adenocarcinoma. PTRF expression has a close relationship with gender and T stage of lung adenocarcinoma. PRTF may be apotential target in the future.

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