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Crude Drugs Using as Anticancer Agents


Bhaskar G*, Gopinath E and Vineeth Chandy

There is a more progress has been made in the development of novel cancer treatments. But the cancer remained as a leading cause death in the world. The etiopathognesis of cancer is due to the because of genetic predisposition, and also there is some environmental factors associated with cancer are some of them are may be due to environmental toxins, and also life style and diet if the cancer is relapsed also there is a chances of high risk of death rates due to the toxicity of drugs. In current scenario the therapy for cancer is followed by Surgery Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. through all this by current therapy we can’t cure cancer completely. The particularly chemotherapy is the most commonly used treatment to treat the cancer but this chemotherapy associated with more adverse effects which leads to severe. So the main purpose of brief review is to understand the current uses of crude drugs as an anticancer to have a better result of the drug targets in the cancer therapy as anticancer. But pharmacological role of these crude drugs in cancer therapy is not fully clear. But many researchers are in believed that these crude drugs are to have nutraceutical effects on cancer patients.


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