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Cadmium Doped with Selenides and Telluride for Photovoltaic Applications: A Review


Nivetha S, Perumalsamy R, Ayeshamariam A*, Srinivasan MP, Mohamed Saleem A, Punithavelan N and Jayachandran M

Materials are the heart and soul of photovoltaic devices. Based on the nature of materials, photovoltaics (solar cells) have been classified into various types. Based on its classifications many oxide and metallic materials are mainly used for photovoltaic applications. Device structure and nature of materials are very critical for the overall efficiency and performance of photovoltaics. However here in this particular review we will be only converging on the nature of various materials used to develop solar cells and their performances by using the materials of C, Cd, In doped Selenides and Telluride. Likewise the use of nanomaterials for biosensors based in thin film, particularly carbon based materials and its doping with selenides and telluride have attracted considerable attention due to provide a high surface-volume ratio, faster electron transfer and label-free responses. This review discussed these materials and its efficiencies.


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